Olio Colato

A sensory journey into oil

“Olio Colato” is the landmark of top-quality oil culture. Small amounts of different local oils, and oil-experts that guide the guests in a sensory journey through the different types of this incredible product.

One can heat up the cruets with their own hands, smell the product, and taste it with appropriate pottery spoons – and so the real tasting experience begins. In this way it is possible discover the main properties of these oils. If we consider the oil produced in Castagneto, one might discover that it is green, fruity, bitter, and spicy, with scents of artichoke and almond.

In the shop Olio Colato, besides having the chance to taste and purchase the oil, it is also possible to try bruschettas, bread and treats seasoned with the special oil, and also have an aperitief and buy all kinds of products linked to oil production.