Sensory and Multimedia Wine Museum of Bolgheri and of Tuscany’s Coast

The Museum is located within Casone Ugolino, an ancient farm from the sixteenth century that used to belong to the Della Gherardesca’s family. The Museum covers over 1500 square metres in the countryside and in Bolgheri’s DOC lands, and it is built on two floors.

“MUSEM combines historical, sensory and multimedia experiences. t is a sort of visual, olfactive and more in general sensory experience that will lead the guest through the different ages of wine evolution in this region, to then finish with a peek into the future of wine”.

It is possible to visit the MUSEM daily from 10am to 8pm, except on Mondays. Info line: (+39) 0565 775110

The historical route is designed by famous wine expert Prof. Attilio Scienza, and it take the guests through different food and wine traditions, from the Etruscans’ and Romans’ ones, to the medieval and the eighteenth’s century ones. One room after the other, it’s possible to taste food and wine from the specific age that the room refers to. Guests can watch the history and different growing methods through videos.

The next section is a path where holograms make possible for the guests to learn history directly from its protagonists, in a sort of virtual reality.

At the end of the multimedia experience, guests can taste and purchase the local wines. The upper floor it’s an open-space, with tables and areas dedicated to tastings, presentations and meetings, relax and aggregation.