Casone Ugolino

Casone Ugolino is a old farm dating back to 1500 belonged to the Gherardesca family. It was destined for the cultivation of tobacco and its drying.

In 1823 it was renovated on the occasion of the birth of Ugolino della Gherardesca (son of the prestigious Della Gherardesca Count Guido Alberto) and was assigned to the hospitality of pilgrims who went in Castagneto Carducci.

Its position in fact it was a perfect resting spot at the beginning of the climb towards the village. For this reason that he was named “Porto di Terra.”

Its recent restoration took more than ten years of work: a perfect reconstruction of the structure of the time, with craft materials and processes respectful of the tradition Tuscany building.

The Casone Ugolino consists of four structures linked together to form a real big “farm”.

The area is surrounded by over 6000 hectares of forest and scrub typical Tuscany that are part of the family estate Della Gherardesca. Within walking distance of 20km of pine forests and pristine beaches.

Porto di Terra

A quality location: Nord Tuscan Maremma very close to medieval towns such as Castagneto Carducci, Bolgheri, Suvereto, Sasetta, Monteverdi, Populonia and many others. Pisa, Livorno and Volterra can be reached in less than 40 minutes.

  • HOSPITALITY: a complex that can accommodate a good number of guests, in farm house apartments and in hotel rooms.
  • RESTAURANTS: restaurant, tavern, pizzeria and gelateria, all using natural products from the area.
  • COMBINATION: events, ideas and companies take regularly place in the structure, Casone Ugolino is an important territory reference.
  • CULTURE: the “Musem” – Sensory and Multimedia Museum of the Bolgheri and the Tuscan coast wine, the Sommelier Wine School, the Cooking School and the Wine Academy are the main elements.
  • SHOW ROOM: conference rooms with center office area is available for wine producers, for food presentations, conferences and events.

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