Bolgheri is a very characteristic town, which was built around a medieval castle, and which is on a hill reachable through the picturesque Viale dei Cipressi (literally Cypress Road). This famous road, made famous by Carducci’s poem, is almost five kilometres long and begins in the valley, on via Aurelia, right in front of eighteenth century’s Saint Guido’s chapel.

Today Bolgheri’s fame is due especially to its wines. This little “Mediterranean pearl” has indeed a unique microclimate, that made it possible for it to become very quickly one of the protagonists in the wine production world-wide.


The famous Cipressi avenue from San Guido to Bolgheri, realized by Count Guido Alberto della Gherardesca that made famous the poet Giosuè Carducci

Incisa della Rocchetta

In the beginning there was Bolgheri, and then WWF Italy came

In 1959 Mario Incisa della Rocchetta decided to turn his seabirds’ reserve into the first Italian private natural reserve. In 1966, when wwf Italy was founded, Bolgher’s oasis was the first Italian oasis. This wildlife shelter spreads for over 513 hectares included in Castagneto Carducci’s area. Every year Bolgheri’s oasis serves as a winter shelter or as a spring stopover for numerous seabirds.

From the myth Sassicaia to Bolgheri DOC

Mario Incisa della Rocchetta starts the first Cabernet vineyard in Castiglioncello di Bolgheri in 1944. The first bottle of Sassicaia, with the same label that we know today, came out in 1968. The DOC for red wine came in 1994 and establishes that Bolgheri Superiore and Bolgheri Sassicaia are the first example of Italian cru. It took a long time for people to realise that the brilliant ideas of Marquess Incisa had created a peculiar phenomenon in Italian wine history. That phenomenon that makes Bolgheri’s wines the full expression of “terroir”, being so deeply connected to the region where they come from.

The rare white stork (Ciconia ciconia)

The coat of arms of the Marchesi Incisa della Rocchetta

The spas

Calidario’s spa

Men from different times have looked for warmth and relief in this spring, which is an important wellbeing centre today, thanks to its steam-baths in 36-degrees spring water.

Sassetta’s spa

The water in Sassetta’s thermal baths is a natural expression of this region’s energy. Every detail involves subtle energies, and the aquatic complex offers numerous sensory experiences.


Thalassotherapy is an ancient and very effective relaxation method that exploits the combined actions of the marine environment’s resources, such as the weather, algae, sand and mud.

Beaches and sea

The Etruscan Coast has white and golden sandy beaches. They have a wild and natural character, with millennia of history behind them./p>

Nature trails


Ancient trails, to rediscover traditions, while surrounded by nature and by the peaceful Maremma’s hills. One can horse ride through this ancient trails, passing by retreats, abbeys, castles and seeing mountains, hills and the sea.

Hiking trails

Hiking trails, sometimes challenging, but always picturesque. One can walk through the different tracks and making stopovers on paths and roads, while being surrounded by nature. The trips can take a number of days, and it is possible to eat and spend the night in huts or farmhouses./p>

Cycling trails/h3>

Bike lanes in concrete, soil, clay or gravel. The lanes vary in length and in difficulty. It is an opportunity to experience the authenticity of Tuscany’s lands on a bike.

History, culture and sea


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