Pizzeria 0 Meters

Modern and traditional at the same time, profoundly connected to the region

Casone Ugolino’s Pizzeria Metri 0 is a genuine expression of this region. Pizza is produced with all natural flours, from organic farming and ancient grains.

All the products come from local and sustainable firms. The all natural doughs and products, the use of wood-fired ovens that recall the ancient medieval ovens make this experience with pizza one to remember, with the combination of modern and traditional flavours.

Our wood oven, perfect reconstruction of the ancient medieval furnaces

Philosophy of the territory

Organic flour

Organic flour grow by old grains grown with natural processes in our territory

Mozzarella Maremmana

Mozzarella and buffalo cheese of Mediterranean breed, raised in the wild state of Maremma

Fresch tomato

Fresh Tomato day-worked within 48h from friendly local farmhouses in San Vincenzo

Extra virgin olive-oil

Extra virgin olive-oil obtained by cold squeezing in Castagneto Carducci

Local crafts beers

The best artisan beers in Tuscany made with selected hops, flowers hemp and grape must

Medieval wood oven

Perfect reconstruction of the oldest and traditional wood-oven of medieval era

Our Pizzeria 0 Meters